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Learn the basics and how to get the most out of the Empire SUITE software solutions that keep your critical workflows simple, seamless and smart.

Empire SUITE is a leading cloud-based software solutions provider that increases efficiency, speed, effectiveness, and clarity within the critical workflows that keep your business running, your projects on time, and your employees happy. All Empire SUITE products easily integrate with popular software, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, CCH AXCESS™, and many more!

The Empire SUITE is comprised of several seamlessly integrated applications for time and expense entry, resource scheduling and time off management. The different Empire SUITE applications – Empire TIME, Empire EXPENSE, Empire RESOURCE, Empire TIME OFF and Empire AUTOMATED TAX SCHEDULING (Empire ATS) – all share a common database, so information entered in one application is immediately available in the others. For example, assignments created in Empire RESOURCE or PTO events created in Empire TIME OFF are added to Empire TIME user timesheets automatically. Empire MOBILE makes on the go time and expense entry and PTO management simple to do – whatever information is available in your account can be downloaded into your phone or tablet without any need for double data entry.

Employees, clients and projects are all that is necessary to start using the Empire SUITE. As your needs change, additional functionality such as tracking time by task or making assignments by activity and location is easily added without requiring additional programming. The Empire SUITE is very scalable for both the number of users and available functionality.

Setting up your account is simple: we’ll use an email address as the user name, and you can select which application to start with, and whether or not you want us to add sample data to get your started. If you decide you want to add other applications, simply modify the application roles in the Edit Employee page.

Your account comes pre-configured with a default set of application roles and permissions so users and administrators can access Empire SUITE features and functions. It’s easy to add other application roles with custom permission sets as your requirements and business needs change.

Empire SUITE makes onboarding fast and easy. Onboarding is simplified and can be done quickly – employees, clients and projects can be added through a UI or using Excel-based templates. Employee, client and project upload templates are available from the upload pages in the Loads/Integration menu. Other system attributes such as holidays, employee rates, client experience factors, workflows and workflow templates can also be uploaded using Excel templates to simplify your onboarding process.

Short videos and tool tips make learning how to use the Empire SUITE applications a breeze. The intuitive, familiar spreadsheet design of Empire TIME and Empire EXPENSE, as well as the tap and go user experience in our Empire MOBILE application enables new users to be up and running and using the system in no time with little to no training required.

Should your more advanced and administration users require training, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’d be happy to design a custom solution for you.

It’s not uncommon for salaried staff PTO events to go unrecorded, and these taken, yet unrecorded absences can be expensive when an employee leaves or retires. Empire TIME OFF was engineered to simplify integration with payroll and HR systems so something as common as a vacation or sick day request triggers notifications and creates an audit trail so PTO events are tracked and can be reconciled with time off taken.

Professional services firms are seeing their customers require receipt copies when billing for reimbursable expenses. Instead of spending valuable time at the copy machine, Empire EXPENSE allows users to upload receipt photos, either through our Empire MOBILE app or the user’s laptop camera, and attach the photo to the expense line item for easy inclusion with the invoice.

Seamless integration with CCH Axcess Practice™ and CCH Axcess Workstream ™ is standard functionality with the Empire SUITE. Let us show you how integration with the Empire SUITE can leverage and improve your CCH Axcess™ investment.

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