Why Empire SUITE?

Empire SUITE is a leading cloud-based software solutions provider that increases efficiency, speed, effectiveness, and clarity within the critical workflows that keep your business running, your projects on time, and your employees happy. All Empire SUITE products easily integrate with popular software, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, CCH AXCESS™, and many more!


Employee time tracking should be painless and error-free, enabling employees to manage their timesheets with ease.


Spend less time on expense reports and more time reaching business goals by collecting expense data on multiple platforms.


Managers can easily view capacity, availability, and total resource assignments across the entire organization.


Calculates tax return scheduling options that optimize both time and cost.


Personal time off is critical for your employees’ productivity and well-being whether planned or unplanned.

"Empire SUITE's reporting allows me to monitor the metrics of my firm efficiently and effectively. Empire Suite allows me to create billing codes by tasks, as well as provides employees with the ability to further describe what they're doing in the notes section of the software. I can run reports, billings, and see when staff is at risk of being stretched too thin, assess whether to hire more employees, and allocate resources to any given case right on the spot. Mostly, it saves me time and headaches and helps to ensure my staff has quality of life insides and outside the workplace."

Jason Wegis, Luttrell Wegis LLP

"A lot of systems look great, bells and whistles, but they can be too complicated to learn and use. Empire TIME OFF looked more efficient from the user's point of view; on the manager side, the dashboard is great."

Frances Dunn, TDK

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Our Value Proposition

Simple. Seamless. Smart

Empire SUITE’s cloud-based software solutions for employee planning, productivity, and forecasting, help businesses gain transparency and efficiency, accomplishing higher-value goals with their staff through optimized scheduling and nearly effortless time and expense entry.

Easy to use. Easy to manage.

Empire SUITE simplifies and streamlines your operations with a powerful product suite that’s easy to understand, use, and integrate.

Industry-standard integrations and data syncing wherever, whenever.

Do more with (actually) less. Our powerful product suite easily integrates with industry tools and Microsoft Outlook, so you can sync everything from employee assignments to expense reporting seamlessly and in one place.

Make your business more efficient.

A streamlined user interface paired with smart technology to help you quickly make decisions with more confidence, so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Hard Work Pays Off

With a five-star rating from CPA Practice Advisor, the Empire SUITE is a leading time, expense, and resource management software solution.

Think smart. Manage smarter.

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Provide your organization with the tools and technology needed to build a smarter business with Empire SUITE.

Our Customers

Trusted by Teams Worldwide

Companies in every region of the world trust the Empire SUITE to work efficiently and effectively. In fact, our customers have invoiced more than $20 billion using our software. With a five-star rating from CPA Practice Advisor, the Empire SUITE is a leading time, expense, and resource management software trusted by thousands of customers.

Our Customers

Trusted by teams worldwide.

We serve companies in every region of the world who depend on our suite of products to work efficiently. In fact, our users have scheduled more than 125 million hours and invoiced over $50 billion. With a five-star rating from CPA Practice Advisor, the Empire SUITE is a leading time, expense, and resource management software solution across industries worldwide.


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