Easily view capacity, availability, and total resource assignments across your organization.


Empire RESOURCE allows you to match resources to a project based on specific criteria. From skill sets to availability to prior experience to location, utilizing an intuitive interface gives you insight into the details of resource schedules.


Simple. Seamless. Smart.

View capacity, availability, and total resource assignments across the entire organization

Access schedules from thousands of projects with one click

Assign roles to projects prior to staffing

Create a project budget

View available resources at a glance

Fill requests based upon project budgets and resource needs

Compare historic and current schedules with actuals

Coordinate efforts across departments in real-time

Search data through user-defined queries based on your business needs or standard searches like resource type, office, and cost center

Forecast total cost and projected revenue at project completion

Seamless integration with all Empire SUITE applications

View upcoming assignments on the web, Outlook calendars and mobile devices

Report billable and non-billable time

Real-time reporting at the full-time equivalent (FTE) level


Better Tools Make for Better Staffing Decisions

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