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Empire SUITE provides a host of resources for those that have implemented online and cloud employee time management services. Our resources cover such fields as online tax scheduling and employee PTO tracking.

About Empire RESOURCE

The scheduling tool you need to ensure all your projects are properly staffed.

About Empire TIME OFF

The perfect complement to CCH Axcess™ for managing your firm’s entire time off process.

About Empire ATS

The automated tax scheduling tool you need to make busy season a breeze.

About Empire TIME

Increase the capture of critical time information and improve your staff’s productivity.

About Empire EXPENSE

Simplify your reimbursable expense process and make life easy for your on the go employees.

Empire SUITE

CCH Axcess™ Resources

Empire SUITE integrates seamlessly with Wolters Kluwer CCH Axcess™ Workstream which is used by accounting firms all across the country.


The scheduling tool you need to ensure your CCH Axcess™ engagements are properly staffed.


Extend your Axcess™ functionality and make life easier for your on the go employees.

TIME Axcess™

Extend your CCH Axcess™ functionality by giving users multiple options for time entry.

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