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WSG Systems Corp Announces the Empire SUITE Partner Program

JULY 19, 2021-NEW YORK, NY – WSG Systems, developers of the award-winning Empire SUITE application, is pleased to announce the launch of the Empire SUITE Partner Program

WSG Systems Corp Announces Empire SUITE New Release

 JUNE 14, 2021 – NEW YORK, NY –  WSG Systems has released a new version of the Empire SUITE

This release includes features and enhancements based on the invaluable feedback provided by our existing and prospective clients.

Lights! Camera! Action! WSG Systems Corp Announces Move to the Film Center Building in Hell’s Kitchen

OCTOBER 19, 2019-NEW YORK, NY – WSG Systems has relocated to the Film Center building in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York City at: 630 9th Avenue, Suite 301, New York, NY 10036

WSG System Corp.’s new location is just a few steps from Restaurant Row at 46th Street and 8th Avenue.0

WSG Announces New Empire SUITE Release

MARCH 1, 2018 – NEW YORK, NY – WSG Systems is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new Empire SUITE release which includes exciting enhancements to Empire RESOURCE, its award-winning cloud-based resource scheduling system, and the release of a new suite of business intelligence-based reports.

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