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Our cloud-based software solutions for employee planning, productivity, and forecasting help businesses gain transparency and efficiency, accomplishing higher-value goals with their staff through optimized scheduling and nearly effortless time and expense entry.

The Empire SUITE

Our Software Solutions

Managers can easily view capacity, availability, and total resource assignments across the entire organization.
Spend less time on expense reports and more time reaching business goals by collecting expense data on multiple platforms.
Empire TIME
Employee time tracking should be painless and error-free, enabling employees to manage their timesheets with ease.
Personal time off is critical for your employees’ productivity and well-being whether planned or unplanned.
Empire ATS
Calculates tax return scheduling options that optimize both time and cost.

Empire SUITE is designed to adapt to a wide range of industries, uses, and needs. Empowering businesses and their people.

Industry Solutions for


CPAs and other accounting professionals require precise, data-driven tools for converting time and expense data into invoices, and for managing project resources in deadline-driven and challenging environments. Accounting professionals need tools that will work across their devices, whether they are in the office or on the go. Empire SUITE’s comprehensive practice management tool kit including multi-currency support, integrated resource scheduling, and time off management make it a winning solution for accounting firms of all sizes.

Industry Solutions for


Tracking resources across the lifespan of a project is critical for IT firms, which must often manage and organize complex operations that keep their clients operational. With Empire SUITE’s resource management and chargeback tools, IT teams can track capacity, assign roles, and forecast costs - all in the cloud.

Industry Solutions for


Working with a wide variety of clients, on multiple projects and opportunities, consulting firms are used to rapid change and on-the-go management. Empire SUITE empowers consultants with vital tools like mobile time and expense tracking and project management, all accessible 24/7 on the cloud without the need for an in-house IT management team.

Industry Solutions for


Managing a healthcare team means juggling multiple moving parts at all times, often with tight deadlines and slim margins for error. Healthcare management and software implementation teams rely on Empire SUITE for a comprehensive view of time, expenses, and resource allocation across their organization. This saves time and increases efficiency in a business that allows little room for mistakes.

Industry Solutions for

Professional Services

Actuarial, engineering and architecture firms are among the world-class professionals who rely on Empire SUITE for effective, seamless tracking of their time, expenses, personal time off, and project resources, all through a cloud-based application that works on multiple platforms with ease and simplicity.

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