Successful project managers know they need both a quick snapshot and a deep dive into their resources, which is why Empire RESOURCE offers both in a single cloud-based platform.

Empire RESOURCE allows you to match needed resources to a project based on any criteria you need, from skill sets to availability to prior experience to location. Utilizing an intuitive graphical interface, you can view high-level overviews while still being able to drill down into the details of resource schedules and availability across multiple locations and units. Track your project financials—budgets, actuals, and schedules—across the organization and compare reported actuals against the original schedule in real time.

  • Eliminate confusion from multiple spreadsheets and calendars
  • Fill requests based on project budgets and resource needs
  • Compare historic and current schedules with actuals
  • Coordinate efforts across departments in real time

Aggregate schedules across thousands of resources.

Manage schedules for projects and resources at any level of the organization and drill down to areas of interest on monthly, weekly, or daily periods.

Assign roles to projects until they are ready to staff.

Role assignments have rate and dollar amounts associated with them and can be used to create an initial budget for a project.

Drag and drop resources on projects to create assignments.

Use the drag-and-drop functionality to create and move assignments from one resource to another, all with a single click.

See resource capacity by type, office, cost center or other user-defined criteria.

Search data through user-defined queries based on your business needs or standard searches like resource type, office, and cost center.

Forecast total estimated cost and the projected revenue at completion.

See the financial implications of staff scheduling choices and forecast estimated revenue information with or without contingencies.

Total User Schedule Visibility Across Multiple Platforms.

Users can see their upcoming assignments on the web, in their Outlook calendars and on their mobile devices

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