Empire TIME

Empire TIME

Employee time tracking should be painless and error-free, enabling employees to manage their timesheets with ease. That’s why we created Empire TIME, a streamlined cloud-based multi-platform solution for tracking employee time.

Empire TIME allows businesses to track, record, and manage employee time and seamlessly transition data into invoicing or chargeback. With deep integrations into popular systems like Microsoft Outlook™, as well as built-in features including on-the-go time entry and mobile compatibility, this cloud-based solution is utilized in more than 40 countries by some of the world’s most profitable companies.

  • Uphold compliance and accountability through flexible configuration.
  • Improve decision making through real-time timesheet data.
  • Increase accuracy and speed in the collection of time data.
  • Accommodate users across multiple regions through flexible policies.

Auto-populate timesheets with scheduled work, personal time off and holidays.

Stay informed on employee availability through autofilled timesheets that include key information such as personal time off and company holidays.

Automate your policy checking on timesheets to ensure compliance.

Reflect and reinforce your organization’s time policies through a flexible yet robust compliance checking system based on your own company policies.

Complete your timesheets without leaving Outlook.

Access a single point of entry through Microsoft Outlook to manage your email, calendar, timesheets, and meeting notifications.

Approve employee time and expense entries right from your mobile device.

Use a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device to review and approve employee time entries, with multiple devices supported for each user, all kept in sync in the cloud.

Synchronize data automatically or on demand, so your content is always up to date.

With support for both connected and offline entry, you can synchronize data automatically or on demand so your content is always up-to-date across devices, all stored safely in the cloud.

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