Personal time off is critical for your employees’ well-being and productivity, whether it’s a long-planned vacation or sudden sick leave. Track, manage, and schedule with our cloud-based personal time off management system.

Empire TIME OFF manages your employees’ personal time off efficiently and effectively, handling any kind of time off—vacation time, sick time, personal time, time in lieu—both planned and unplanned. Stay on top of your employees’ time off needs so you can make better, more informed scheduling decisions and ensure compliance with your company’s policies, all through a single cloud-based system that works across multiple devices and systems.

  • Capture time off requests via the web interface, mobile device or email
  • Define relevant time off types
  • Track time off based on your rules
  • Ensure compliance with company policies
  • Integrate with Outlook and Empire RESOURCE
  • Report time off up to the minute

Enter requests and approvals through multiple different devices and systems.

Request time off through the web, your mobile device, or our integrated email functionality, reducing turnaround time for approvals.

Define the relevant time off types that are right for your organization.

Configure your time off types through our configuration and accrual builder tools and easily track time off based on your personalized rules.

Support and ensure compliance with your company’s time off policies.

Customize your time off policies by time off type, office, or employee type, determining how far in advance time off can be requested or whether to allow time off if the user hasn’t earned any time off

Seamlessly integrate with popular tools like Microsoft Outlook and Empire RESOURCE.

Your employees’ personal time off will automatically display in their Outlook and Empire RESOURCE calendars, helping your team make smarter scheduling decisions.

Compare time off requests with time off earned, up to the minute.

Get instant visibility to time off earned, both to date and expected, alongside time off already scheduled and time off previously taken.

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