Our SUITE of products increase efficiency, speed, effectiveness, and clarity within the crucial workflows that keep your business running, your projects on time, and your employees happy.

Time Tracking with Empire TIME

Time Tracking with Empire TIME

Track, record, and manage employee timesheets for a seamless transition to invoicing or chargeback. Reduce costs, streamline your time tracking processes, and increase accuracy with a cloud-based software that works across multiple platforms for critical flexibility.

  • Manage employee timesheets
  • Integrate with financial and HR systems
  • Customize for your business
  • Manage through Outlook
  • Enter data on your mobile device
  • Use online and offline entry
Expense Tracking with Empire EXPENSE

Expense Tracking with Empire EXPENSE

Enter, manage, and update employee expenses through a cloud-based solution that works across multiple platforms. Automatically check expenses against company policies while managing digital expense receipts, currency conversions, and VAT processing.

  • Manage expenses in multiple currencies
  • Capture and process VAT information
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Work with teams worldwide
  • Accept scanned expense receipts
  • Enter expenses on mobile devices
Resource Management with Empire RESOURCE

Resource Management with Empire RESOURCE

Match the appropriate resources to a project through a rich, graphical resource management UI for viewing and drilling down into resource schedules and availability across skills, prior experience, geographies and business units. Easily identify and fix resource capacity and conflict issues, all in a cloud-based system.

  • View monthly, weekly, daily schedules
  • Create an initial project budget in minutes
  • Compare actuals to schedule to project budget
  • Auto-populate timesheets
  • Search by user-defined criteria
  • View revenue and cost per schedule
Personal Time Off Tracking with Empire TIME OFF

Personal Time Off Tracking  with Empire TIME OFF

Manage your employees’ personal time off efficiently, whether planned or unplanned, to help make more informed scheduling decisions and ensure compliance with your company’s policies, all through an intuitive cloud-based platform.

  • Capture time off requests via the web interface, mobile device or email
  • Define relevant time off types
  • Track time off based on your rules
  • Ensure compliance with company policies
  • Integrate with Outlook and Empire RESOURCE
  • Report time off up to the minute

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