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Empire SUITE Expands Its Commitment to Mobile – Introduces Updated App for Time and Expense Capture

Recognizing that the workforce of today and the future is not tied to a desk, Empire SUITE announced that the latest version of its mobile app is now available for immediate download from the Apple Store. Consulting, project management, service management and human
resources teams, as well as finance professionals need instantaneous access to their resources and information on the go, and Empire SUITE’s latest update delivers with full integration to its Empire SUITE cloud-based platform. Giving employees the ability to input data such as timecards from their smartphone anytime, anywhere, further strengthens the claim that information is up-to-date at all times
and that it is available in real-time for management teams to review.

Since Empire SUITE introduced its app in 2010 it has had four major app releases, and with this new version is proud to offer an extensive upgrade to meet the demands of its customers. Business and enterprise software has truly gone mobile, with industry analyst firm Gartner predicting that by 2020, 70% of software interactions will take place via mobile apps. Gartner also notes the success of companies may actually hinge on offering the latest tools and mobile apps, beyond just utility. For organizations, not using mobile apps can greatly affect employee satisfaction and turnover, sales, competitive advantage, and overall operation efficiency.

“Empire SUITE is 100% committed to mobile, and based on customer feedback, we introduced a number of improvements to the latest download to directly benefit the needs of our customers,” said Bill Cornfield, President of WSG. “Our customers are leading their industries with innovation and customer service, and it is our responsibility to deliver innovative tools that exceed expectations and make their jobs easier to maximize their efficiency, whether they are on the road, working from home or in the office.”

Empire SUITE mobile users will benefit from:

  • Updated user interface for ease of use
  • Enhanced compliance functionality
  • Improved data capture
  • Superior analytics
  • Support for PTO and resource assignment viewing
  • Increased financial control

In particular, two of Empire SUITE’s products – Empire TIME OFF and Empire RESOURCE – have added new app functionality and improvements for customers. For example, users with the appropriate permissions can now easily request, review, reject or cancel a personal time off (PTO) request via TIME  OFF in the app. Empire SUITE has made every effort to use a friendly interface to alert users to important information, such as when viewing upcoming project assignments in RESOURCE, color-coded alerts notify the user whether they are under, over, or booked just right at-a-glance.

WSG’s award-winning Empire SUITE enterprise resource software is fast becoming the go-to set of tools to help instill financial discipline in support of project success. It also complements the world’s most popular software packages from companies such as Microsoft, CCH Wolters Kluwer, Deltek, SAP and Oracle, with integrated easy-to-use tools to make some of today’s most complex and costly business project management tasks easier and more efficient. Major organizations around the globe have deployed Empire SUITE and are reaping the cost, operational and efficiency benefits from enhanced project and resource management.

Empire SUITE focuses on resource management from a financial perspective, allowing management to track project time, budget and resources in real-time. From accounting to HR to IT to finance, virtually every department in the enterprise will benefit from the features offered to streamline operations, and employees appreciate the user-friendly interface and mobile access for on-the-go data input.

To download the app, please visit the Empire SUITE app on the Apple Store. For more information about Empire SUITE, please contact us at or via phone at +1.212.675.2500 .